Power Solution | P-MEGA 41,600mAh World’s Largest Power Station

Power Redefined.

The P-MEGA is the world's largest power charging station. It packs a mind-blowing 41,600mAh LG lithiium-ion battery cell, and comes equipped with six USB output ports to charge all your compatible smartphone and tablet devices.



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Powered by LG P-MEGA uses sixteen LG lithium-ion battery cells to extend the battery life of your compatible devices. By using premium battery cells, it ensures you get the most juice for your devices, so that you stay connected, for longer. 

Massive Repeat Charging Frequency Compatible with all smartphone and tablet devices, the P-MEGA offers multiple charging of devices several times over. Perfect for indoor parties and outdoor events where a power socket is not readily available.

Simple and Compact Design Everything has been kept perfectly simple and compact for quick and easy use. The protective shell of the P-MEGA measures a minimal 10x10x11.5cm and weighs in at a mere 979g, remaining light and portable for all your power lifestyle needs. P-MEGA is also FAA approved for hand carry onboard and use on flights.

Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor Use Designed for easy portability and minimalist travelling effort, the P-MEGA can be used as both an indoor/outdoor charging station and in emergency power situations. No matter what you're doing or where you're going, never run out of power again with the world's largest power charging station at your side.

Charge Up to Six Devices Simultaneously Equipped with six USB (5V2A*3 , 5V1A*3) output ports, the P-MEGA is designed for power sharing of your smartphone and tablet devices in the most demanding of situations. 
Create Ambience with P-MEGA With an inbuilt LED mood light, the P-MEGA provides a relaxing accompaniment for you and your surrounding environment whilst charging your devices. Sit back, relax, and let it do the work.
Certified for Overall Reliability / Safety with 2 Year Warranty P-MEGA has undergone vigourous testing to ensure performance, reliability and quality are up to LUXA2 standards. We offer a 2 year warranty on all our portable power banks to be free from defects, and have undergone all the necessary regulatory testing to ensure conformity in their respective regions. Certifications include FCC, CE and ROHS.


In order to protect this product and your device, please read the following Q & A carefully.

Q1: I just bought a P-MEGA and pressed the power on switch but my device is not charging and the battery indicator lights do not light up. Why?
A: Due to first use of this product, there may be insufficient stored charge in the battery cell therefore it is recommended that upon purchasing the device you allow for a full charge (approx. 12 hours) before use.

Q2: How long does it take to fully charge the P-MEGA?
A: The P-MEGA will take around 11 to 12 hours (0 – 100%) to fully charge with an average LED battery status indicator representing a 3-hour charge (25%).

Q3: When the P-MEGA is fully charged, will the power adaptor continue to charge, or do I need to unplug the power adapter as a precaution?
A: This product has a "full charge power protection" feature meaning that when it is fully charged or has been continuously charging for 12 hours, it will automatically stop. Unplugging of the power adapter is not required. If you need to recharge the P-MEGA, simply re-plug the power adapter.

Q4: What kind of protection mechanism does the P-MEGA have?
A: The product has the following protection mechanisms for automatic shutdown in the following circumstances:
- Current overload protection (prevention of overheating and from abnormal currents)
- Low voltage battery protection (to maintain optimal charging performance)
- No-load discharge protection (15 second automatic switch off if no device is charging)
- Full charge protection (to prevent overcharging of connected device)
If one of the above protection mechanisms is activated, please re-plug the power adapter and press the power switch to resume normal use.

Q5: When I connect my USB cable into the port of the P-MEGA, my device will not charge. Why?
A: The product has a "no-load discharge protection" meaning that in the absence of power within 15 seconds, the device will automatically stop its power discharge in order to preserve energy and as a precaution.

When you need to use the P-MEGA again, simply press the power switch and your device will automatically start to charge.

Q6: How do I turn on/off the P-MEGA LED Mood light?
A: Simply press to the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the LED mood light and again to turn off.

Q7: When charging P-MEGA and my devices simultaneously, why does charging automatically cut off?
A: This product is a " high-capacity mobile power supply unit " comprised of 16 LG battery cells to provide its 41,600mAh capacity. In simultaneous charging conditions whereby the charge (input) and discharge (output) are the same, it may cause abnormal operation of the P-MEGA such as; incorrect LED battery display or abnormal charging behavior.

Due to this constant charging, batteries may experience excessive heat expansion and thus be prone to overheating or damage, therefore to ensure the safety and operational stability of the batteries, the product has an " overload protection mechanism." To avoid simultaneous charge and discharge; the adapter will stop the charging process.

If this occurs, unplug all devices connected to the P-MEGA and wait 15 seconds, after which, press the power on switch to resume normal charging operations.

Q8: How many times can P-MEGA charge my device?
A: On a fully charged P-MEGA, the reference chart below outlines how many times a device can be charged:



iPad mini

iPad Air

Galaxy S3/S4




HTC New One


19 times

6.5 times

3.25 times

11 times

8.9 times

12.4 times

6.65 times

12.4 times


*Please note that these figures are based on a fully charged (12 hour) P-MEGA that is not connected to the power adapter or has multiple devices charging at the same time.

Q9: P-MEGA output ports have two sets of labels 1A and 2A, what does this mean?
A: (1A) port represents an output current of 5V1A for general use with the following devices: smartphone, PSP, NDS, Digital Camera and related devices.

(2A) port represents a 5V2A output current suitable for supporting fast charging of large screen devices such as tablets and smartphones. Large screen devices defined as devices with a display size larger than 5.5 inches.

Q10: When I use the 1A port for large screen tablet or smartphone why will my device not charge?
A: A big screen tablet or smartphone may require a 2A current to commence charging and therefore a 1A port would be unable to provide sufficient power to charge the device. As mentioned, all USB ports have a "current overload protection mechanism" which in the case of 1A ports is limited to 1.5A and 2.5A for 2A ports respectively. Therefore for large screen tablet and smartphone devices, the use of the 2A port is required.

Q11: Is P-MEGA able to charge up to six devices simultaneously no matter its battery status?
A: The product has "low battery voltage protection" and therefore can support charging of multiple devices based on the following power levels:

LED Battery Indicator:
(●◯◯◯) 0 to 24%: tablet (x1) or smartphone (x2)
(●●◯◯) 25 ~ 49%: tablet (x3) or smartphone (x6)
(●●●◯) 50 to 74%: tablet (x3) or smartphone (x6)
(●●●●) 75 ~ 99%: tablet (x3) or smartphone (x6)

When the P-MEGA is low on power and voltage, the above operation may result in abnormal charging processes due to the installed “low battery voltage protection” causing discharge to be stopped until the device has sufficiently stored charge.

To return to proper charging operations, simply unplug all devices from the USB ports, recharge to at least 25-49% ºº status.

Q12: Why does P-MEGA stop charging and the LED light of the USB port turn off after I start to charge my device at a certain battery level?
A: Each USB port on the P-MEGA has a battery status LED indicator light to confirm that a device is connected and charging has commenced. Once your device is fully charged, the LED light will turn off.

As a result of the inbuilt “current overload protection” a device with a battery charge already between 95-100% will cause the USB port LED to turn off indicating that full charge is nearing, at which point, depending on your used smartphone device and battery status, the device may continue to charge up to 100% status with the USD LED off. During this time, nearing full charge, once P-MEGA reaches an output current of <50mAh, automatic charging will be stopped as to prevent overload.



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File name: Release Date: Notice:
Battery Buyer's Guide 2014/10/01 Learn how to choose the right power bank for you.
Why Choose LUXA2 Power Banks 2014/10/01 Quality | Performance | Reliability |
P-MEGA User Manual 2014/10/01 Supports the following languages: English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, French
Product Name P-MEGA_41600mAh_Power_Station
Length: 100 mm (3.9 inches)
Width: 100 mm (3.9 inches)
Height: 115 mm (4.5 inches)
P/N PO-UNP-PCPMSI-00 (Silver)
Content of delivery P-MEGA x1
Travel Adapter x1
User Manual x1
Carrying Pouch x1
Capacity 41,600mAh(2,600x16) / 3.7V Li-ion (LG) / 154Wh
Input DC 12V1.5A (18Wh)
Output Output x6 (Share 5V6A)
Charging time 10~11 hours
LED indicator LEDx4
Compatibility Smartphone, Tablet, DC(Digital Camera), Gamepad
Material Plastic, Silicone
Weight 979g
Warranty 2 year