Power Solution | P1-PRO 7000mAh Outdoor Power Bank

Power through Rough Conditions

Mountain biking in the Alps. Climbing Kilimanjaro. Exploring the Grand Canyon.

ALL are demanding conditions, which requires a demanding, durable and dependable power solution for your portable device.

The P1-PRO. Built for demanding conditions.


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7000mAh High Capacity Battery This 7000mAh high capacity, dual charging battery pack has more than enough juice to charge your smartphone device 3-4 times or a 7” tablet device once. Simultaneous charging available.
Durable Rubber Bumper Removable rubber bumper offers added protection of the power bank against accidental knocks and bumps that may occur during your outdoor pursuits.
Dual Charging Capability The P1-PRO offers simultaneous charging of 2 devices (2.1A, 1.0A) which provides further convenience of the user experience.
8.5 Hours to Fully Charge The P1-PRO requires only 8.5 hours to fully charge, meaning it can simply be charged overnight and be raring to go again when you wake up the next morning.
Smart LED Battery Status Indicator LED battery status indicator and clever overcharge prevention technology enables you to monitor and preserve the battery life of your device for longer.
Cord Keeper and Dust Flap The P1-PRO rubber band also posses an inbuilt cord keeper to ensure that your cables remain tangle free, and where you left it. A convenient dust flap is also integrated as to ensure your USB and micro-USB ports are dirt and dust free.


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File name: Release Date: Notice:
Battery Buyer's Guide 2014/10/01 Learn how to choose the right power bank for you.
Why Choose LUXA2 Power Banks 2014/10/01 Quality | Performance | Reliability |
P1-PRO User Manual 2014/10/01 Supports the following languages: English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, French
Product Name P1-PRO Portable Battery Pack
Length: 131 mm (5.1 inches)
Width: 85 mm (3.3  inches)
Height: 21 mm (0.8 inches)
Capacity 7,000mAh(3,500x2) / 3.7V Li-Polymer
Input 5V1A
Output 5V1A & 5V2.1A
Charging time 8.5 hours
LED indicator LEDx4
Compatibility Smartphone, Tablet, DC(Digital Camera), Gamepad
Material Plastic, Slicone
Weight 206g / 0.45 lbs
Warranty 2 years
Content of delivery P1-PRO x1
USB to micro-USB Cable x1
User Manual x1
Carrying Pouch x1