Audio Solution | BT-X3 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

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How to tell when battery is low on battery or has not battery?
Right ear cup light indicator blinks slowly / turned off
How much longer can I use BT-X3 when battery low light starts to blink?
About 10 – 20 minutes
Reset BT-X3 to clear existing paired devices:

Press and hold Multifunction together with Volume Down (-) button for more than 6 seconds from Off mode until the headphone blue LED blinks rapidly.

Reset the headphones back to the factory default setting:

Press and hold the Multifunction together with Volume Down (-) button of BT-X3 while inserting it into the computer's USB port for 8 seconds.

Download user manual:


How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

About 1 hour

BT-X3 is off and fully charged, how long does the battery last?

About 90 hours

Can I change the product battery?

BT-X3’s built-in Lithium-ion battery cannot be changed by yourself. If you encounter battery issue during the 1-year warranty period, LUXA2 will help investigate and fix or replace the battery or headphone accordingly. Abnormal:battery cannot be charged

Does the WP series headphone shut down if it is inactive or left in pairing mode?

Yes. The headphone shuts down within 10 minutes.

What is BT-X3’s Bluetooth connection range?

About 10 meters