Audio Solution | F1 – Extra Bass Headphone

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 Just Music and Style
The LUXA2 F1 Extra Bass Headphone is something you can’t miss if you want to listen to good quality music and be stylish on the go. Designed with adjustable and flexible headband cushion for comfort needs, the urban like headphone also provides quality music and noise isolation with soft ear cushion. The ear cushion also allows 90 degree horizontal rotation for easy packing. The subwoofer function of this headphone also provides the best audio enjoyment. The headphone provides the largest decibel up to 105dB, 1.6m cord and 3.5mm gold plug and is coming with Black, white and Red colors for selection.

Flexibility adjustment

The LUXA2 F1 Extra Bass Headphone is extra lightweight and comfort even after long time wearing with its soft headband cushion. Headband is also self-adjustable according to ones head size.

Excellent Sound Quality

The stylish LUXA2 F1 Extra Bass Headphone produces good sound quality with the extra deep bass sound and largest decibel up to 105dB, 1.6m cord, 3.5mm gold plug.

Convenient Design

The ear cushion of the headphone allows 90 degree horizontal rotation, so it’s easy to be packed into your bag.

Noise Isolation

The soft and texture of LUXA2 F1 Extra Bass Headphone provides maximum comfort to your ear and also provide noise isolation effectively.