Accessories | Color Aluminum Home Button Sticker

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 Colorful dots for extra personal touch!

Dress up your precious device with this eye-catching accessory! Stickers use 3M adhesive glue so it doesn’t leave any glue residue on your device, and it is super easy to put on. Your device will look unique and refreshed with this fun accessory!

3M self-adhesive stickers

3M gentle adhesive glue is used on the back of the sticker to make sure they stay on your device nicely, and it does not leave any sticky glue residue when you take the sticker off.

Easy to apply

Sticker is super easy to apply, just peel and stick! Sticker does not leave any glue residue on your device when you take it off.
Home button works longer and nicer

Apple home button is the most frequently used key on an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, therefore it tends to wear out. With Color Aluminum Home Button sticker, you can prolong the lifespan of your home button.
All aluminum material

Unlike most home button stickers on the market, Color Aluminum Home Button Sticker is made from high-grade aluminum, which adds extra elegance and sophistication to your apple device. It is also more durable than regular stickers.
3-color pack

Sticker pack comes with 3 different color stickers. Each one is special, it’s an easy way to add an unique and fun touch to your Apple device.