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Reviewed by :    Date: 2010/07/20

上演奢华之风 LUXA2双热管笔记本底座
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Reviewed by :    Date: 2010/05/02

Luxa2 M1-Pro Laptop cooler
There are four well designed feet that keep the cooler of the table so it also works as a laptop lift if you want to have it higher. You cannot adjust the height of the cooler but the feet are equipped with small little rubber pads to prevent damange and scratches on the table you set the cooler on.
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Reviewed by :    Date: 2009/09/07

LUXA2 M1-Pro Laptop Cooler
Luxa2, un marchio che indica design, stile, ricerca delle forme, uso di materiali pregiati, rispetto dell’ambiente, il tutto sotto la sapiente guida di Thermaltake, infatti, anni di esperienza hanno spinto quest’ultima a espandere il suo Know how sotto un nuovo marchio,che si dissoci dalla casa madre, indirizzata verso un mercato consumers, ponendosi su una fetta di nicchia, dedicata a chi non sa rinunciare a compromessi, ama il dettaglio, e strizza un occhio ad i prodotti Apple, infatti i prodotti Luxa2 sono dedicati al mondo della Mela di Cupertino.
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Reviewed by : iLounge    Date: 2009/08/03

Thermaltake’s LUXA2 M1-Pro, M2 + M3-Air Cooling Stands for Apple’s MacBooks
Back in our PC days—more specifically, our PC building and modding days—Thermaltake was a company we knew and liked. At that point, if we wanted something like a heatsink for a brand new, expensive CPU, Thermaltake’s solutions were always the ones at the top of the list; we bought at least a couple of its products, liked how they looked,...
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Reviewed by :    Date: 2009/07/06

LUXA2 M1-Pro Laptop Cooler Review @
“Thermaltake's new brand LUXA2 not only makes PC cases, but a few other products as well. Today we will be looking at one of their latest products the M1-Pro laptop cooler. The beautifully designed laptop cooler is made of all aluminum and instead of using fans it uses 2 large heatpipes to cool down your laptop. This is the first time I've seen heatpipes on a laptop cooler, let's see if they really work."
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Reviewed by : minipcpro    Date: 2009/11/14

Unboxing: LUXA2 M1 Pro & LUXA2 L1 Mac & PC laptopCooler
LUXA2 a division of Thermaltek creates a line of conductive coolers for laptops & Macs. The LUXA2 M1Pro & L1 provide different options for your home office setup and coo...
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Reviewed by : AcekillerPC    Date: 2009/07/15

M1 Pro Review From Luxa2
Thanks Jean/Luxa 2! Love this cooler guys. Definitely a keeper! Check it out over here: ...
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Reviewed by : mitch625    Date: 2009/05/13

LUXA2 M1-Pro Review
Review of the Ultimate MacBook Pro Laptop Stand/Cooler.
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Reviewed by : mitch625    Date: 2009/04/28

LUXA2 M1-Pro Unboxing - Ultimate Laptop Stand
Thastic jois is a stand made from aluminum that cools your Macbook pro with two heat syncs and it has done a fantb so far!! Great product.
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