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 Productivity and Style in One Sleek Package!

SlimBT Bluetooth Keyboard with Stand Case - compatible with iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 - is a detachable wireless laptop style keyboard with Bluetooth 2.0V technology. The included stylish protective case provides a durable must-have solution to securely hold your iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 in both portrait and landscape viewing mode.

Bluetooth 2.0V Technology

Enjoy wireless freedom and convenience with Bluetooth 2.0V technology. The SlimBT Bluetooth keyboard takes only a few simple steps to setup and integrates seamlessly with your new iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 and other Bluetooth v2.0 or above devices.

Scissor-switch key mechanism and fast click response

SlimBT Bluetooth Keyboard uses flat and hard-shell, non-rubbery, plastic keys, which make typing on the SlimBT feel like typing on a real laptop keyboard. So after each keystroke, the character will immediately show up on the screen. Scissor-type key mechanisms ensure a natural and comfortable typing experience with nice and fast click response.

Durable and slim construction with padded palm rest

SlimBT Bluetooth Keyboard is designed to be super slim and lightweight. With less than 1cm in thickness, you can easily slide the keyboard in your bag, purse or a folio style iPad and iPad 2 case. The leather like padded palm rest allows you to comfortably rest your wrists when typing.

Use your iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 in landscape mode

The built-in kickstand props up your iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 when you use the detachable keyboard. The compatible iPad stays in the case snugly and an extra flap on the side is put in place to ensure your compatible iPad does not slip out when you carry it in your hand.

Build-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

The long-lasting and rechargeable battery gives you 100 days of standby time and 90 hours of continuous usage time. Easy charge the battery with the included micro USB cable. SlimBT Bluetooth Keyboard Stand Case is backed by LUXA2 1-year warranty.

Function keys and Mac shortcuts

The keyboard is laid out just like a Mac keyboard with important function keys like volume control and music control. There’re also shortcut keys to show/hide keyboard, use photo slide, go to search and home screen. Use SlimBT Bluetooth Keyboard as how you would use your regular Mac keyboard to make using your iPad 2 more convenient and productive.

Removable keyboard in a durable protective case

The Bluetooth keyboard is removable and is securely placed with the built-in magnet inside the case. You can carry the keyboard in the case or by itself. SlimBT Blue Keyboard Stand Case is made with high quality leatherette for excellent durability and protection. You can be worry-free when carrying your iPad 2 in the case.

Anti-slip interior with built-in magnets to keep the keyboard in place

The interior of the stand case is made of high quality microfiber so it won’t scratch your iPad 2 screen when you use the case without the keyboard. The cover of the stand case also has built-in magnets to keep the keyboard securely in place.