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ShowRoom Design Gallery Video Specification FAQ
1. What is battery level indication?

LED light flashes red: low battery level
LED light can’t be turned on: battery level is zero.

2. Battery life according to recharge frequency (from empty to full)

85% storage capacity after 300 recharges.
60% storage capacity after 500 recharges.

3. How many days does a fully charged battery last when the keyboard is in sleep mode?

Around 44 days

4. How many more days can you use the keyboard continuously when battery low light starts to flash?

You can still use the keyboard continuously for 19.44 hours with 6-keys-persecond speed.

5. How long does the battery last when fully charged and the keyboard is off?

The battery lasts 2 years with 20% battery level.

6. How long does it take to charge the battery from empty to full?

Around 2 hours and 40 minutes.

7. How long can you use the fully charged keyboard continuously with 6-keys-per-second speed?

About 15 days

8. Assuming the keyboard is used 8 hours a day and is in sleep mode during the rest of time, how many days can you use the keyboard for?

1. with 8 hours standby time and 1 hours usage daily, keyboard's power lasts 34 days.
2. with 8 hours standby time and 2 hours usage daily, keyboard's power lasts 31 days.

9. Is the battery inside the keyboard changeable?

It is not recommended to change the keyboard battery yourself. If your battery malfunctions within six months of your purchase, we will fix or replace the battery for you.

10. Will the text on the keyboard fall off?

We have gone through strict quality control and usability test. Under normal daily 8- hour-period usage, product’s life expectancy is more than 1 year.

11. How long does it take for the Bluetooth Keyboard to go into sleep mode?

After keyboard not being used for 30 mins, it will go into sleep mode automatically. Press any key to wake up the keyboard.

12. What is the range of Bluetooth?

Bluetooth wireless technology in its base implementation supports a range of 10 meters (33 feet)