Accessories | Cygnus iPhone 4 Case

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 Beautiful Love Affair

Cygnus is beautifully designed with a simple concept of romance. Neutral brown body, champagne color silver plating detail and shimming design, we want to convey a feeling of romantic love affair in the spring alone with LUXA2’s consistent guarantee of ultra lightweight design and superior protection. Give your iPhone a little romance with our brand new Cygnus case.

Material: PC+ silicon

The combination of PC and rubber oil makes sure your iPhone is safely protected by the case while giving you the sensation of soft and smooth exterior.

Convenient Wearing

The texture of Cygnus case is soft and flexible, therefore it is easy to put it on your iPhone and to remove it. Cygnus case is perfect for people who like to change iPhone 4 cases according to their moods or outfits.

Ultra-thin Design

Designed as an ultra-thin case, the protective case does not add any excessive thickness to your iPhone4, which makes it stylish and functional at the same time.

Sophisticated color with detail

The Cygnus case comes in a beautiful neutral brown with champagne color silver plating covering the top and the bottom of the case.