Accessories | iPad 2 Candy Case

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 Sleek design with functions in mind

Provide extra protection for your Apple iPad 2 with our stunning Candy Cases. The rubber shell is made of silicone. It fits snugly and is super lightweight. LUXA2's iPad 2 Candy Case has anti-slide characteristic so it makes it much nicer to hold in hands.

Material: Silicone

The silicone is resilient. It provides strong protection for the iPad 2. The texture of the case is soft and suitable for long time holding. Pre-cut holes for access to iPad ports. without removing the skin

Slide-Proof Design

The silicone material of Candy Case not only gives you sturdy protection to iPad but also provide slide-proof function, which is extremely important especially when you hold your iPad on the go.

Sturdy Yet Lightweight

Candy Case is made from soft silicone material. It is practical and protective even after long wear. This case also absorbs minor impact from everyday usages.

Colorful Choices

The LUXA2 Candy Case is designed with 3 colors of Black, White and Red. You may change the color case according to your moods or your needs.