Accessories | Carbon Ready Leather Case

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 Modern & Dignity

The LUXA2 Carbon Fiber Ready Leather Case, finished by leather paint, is one of the finest and elegant Carbon Fiber Ready case. The surface of the case felt as smooth as silk and felt good for holding. The velvety black felt materials keep your iPhone4 clothed and protected. The case is light and sleek design that matches perfectly with your iPhone4 and other accessories.

Leather Design

Designed with leather paint to create the sense of maturity and dignity.

Velvety black Felt material

Velvety black Felt material on the inner side to keep your iPhone 4 clothed, protect it from minor shocks and movements.

Signal strength

Case is framed with rubber bumper to prevent signal strength loss.
Smooth as Silk

The surface is delicately finished to make it almost as smooth as silk.

Modern Look

The usage of carbon fiber ready material makes it full of modern and urban look.