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 Deeply Charmed

Finished by PU leather, the LUXA2 PH4 Metallic Stand Case feels good and as convenient as it could be. The convenient stand function allows you to view the iPhone4 horizontally. The metallic plate design, not only reveals the urban style but also provide supportive stability to the holding of iPhone4 while you are clicking the iPhone4 on it.

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Finish: PU leather

The finish of PH4 with PU leather gives you the touch of leather while making it soft and durable. It also gives the case the sensation of elegant and maturity for the city life.

Stand and View Horizontally

The main and most useful function of PH4 is to be able to view the iPhone4 horizontally. No more holding the iPhone4 all the time, just put it on the table, stand it up and view whatever you want.

Metallic Supporting Design

The shiny and supportive metallic design is a brilliant idea that makes your iPhone4 case functional and with style. The metallic plate of PH4 is the fastest way to make your iPhone4 stand without too much trouble.

Classical Black

The PH4 comes with the classical Black color only, which is both mysterious and mature.