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Gathering all good elements into one, LUXA2 PA4 iPad Leather Stand Case is completed with good leather, good protection to the iPad with ultra-fiber inner material, safety buckle and leather sling to prevent any accidents that could have happened to your iPad. Viewing angles are also one important factor when it comes to choosing the perfect case for your iPad. LUXA2 PA4 is designed with 4 different stand angles and 45 degree typing angle for your daily usage.

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Material: 100% Calf skin, line texture

Adapting 100% calf skin and line texture design, the PA4 represents good quality and taste. The elegant case is perfect for using it at home and in the office, functional and sturdy.

Sophisticated details that matter

The PA4 is designed with a leather sling hanging outside the case for you to wear it on your wrist in case the iPad slip out of your hand. The inner buckle design is also another considerate design to prevent the iPad for sliding out of the compartment accidentally.

4 Adjustable and 45 degree Angles

The main function and selling point of this stand case is the 4 adjustable stand angles that allow you to adjust according to your likes. Whether the iPad be on the table or on the bed, you may adjust accordingly for comfort. The 45 degree angle is suitable for typing messages and logins.

Home Made Quality

Home made product is always nice and personalized than the factory made products. The LUXA2 PA4 is delicately made and comes with 3 colors, classical Black and White and delightful Orange.