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 Access Data Elegantly

S3 is a perfect storage solution for people on the go. In ultra-portable and stylish way to travel with for your important documents, MP3s, video and photo files.


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Mobile life: Travel with digital life

Store and Share photo, movie and music files anytime anywhere with S3. A stylish portable external enclosure for best mobility.

Slim on carry

To go: Ultra slim enclosure is easy to carry. It comes with a additional industrial standard USB cable (Mini USB type B).

Simplicity with style

S3 has a sleek, anodized aluminum case and a pure white surface. It’s small, elegant, and simplifying. In fact, it’s so easy to install 2.5” hard drive (HDD & SSD) in seconds with no need of any screws.

Power at home

At home: Simply plug it into the elegant cradle for instant data access.