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Reviewed by : por lucas322    Date: 2010/11/29

[VENDO] Soporte sobremesa Luxa2 H2 para Iphone/PDAS/etc
 Vendo este soporte cool con forma de iMac, válido para cualquier móvil con la parte trasera plana,iPhone 3G/3GS/4, PDAS, Symbian, etc. Yo lo uso con un iPhone 4 + el bumper y perfecto. Tiene poco menos de 3 semanas de uso, el motivo de la ventas es que me he juntado con varias bases de carga dock y esto y quiero ir deshaciéndome de cacharros.
Obviamente va en su caja original, todo en perfecto estado.
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Reviewed by : 單純的路過    Date: 2010/10/29

[分享]不專業開箱,曜越科技 LUXA2 H2 IPHONE Holder! 超強吸引力!!
 秋天的午後,隨機路過東區的Apple專賣店,展示台上面一個不知為何的物體立刻吸引了我的目光。那美麗的身影,閃亮的外表,實在是讓我不知如何形容我對他的喜愛! (後續。。。。)
好吧,回歸正題! 其實呢! 就無聊逛街中,突然看到曜越科技 LUXA2的這款 H2 手機架。老實說,我一直都沒有使用手機架的習慣,覺得手機往桌上一丟就好,看東西拿在手上就好,累了就休息一下。但這款H2真的把我給吸引住了! 然後,之後的事情我忘記了,回到家時,發現這樣東西已經在我家的桌上了!
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Reviewed by : AppleWalker    Date: 2010/07/10

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Reviewed by : iVideology    Date: 2010/10/25

H2 Review
 My review of the Luxa2 H2 smart device holder!
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Reviewed by : iVideology    Date: 2010/10/25

H2 Unboxing
 My unboxing of the H2 device holder form luxa2! you can find more luxa2 products at Review is coming next after I get a feel for it! Thank you luxa 2!
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Reviewed by : AppChat    Date: 2010/10/07

LuxaStand H2 - Makes your iPhone/iPod touch look like a mini imac!
 This is the coolest stand ever! I am completely in LOVE with it. Totally worth the cost.
Check this product out and more at  
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Reviewed by : iphonehelps    Date: 2010/09/14

Luxa2 H2 stand,iNique iPad Case, Krusell iPad Case Unboxing
 Special Thanks to , , for providing their product for review. Very much appreciated!  
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Reviewed by : productfeedback    Date: 2010/05/05

LUXA2: H2 and M4 First Look and Review by Product Feedback
Luxa2 is a division of Thermaltake and in this Product Feedback video we look at two of their products the H2 and M4.
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