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Is H1-Touch compatible with iPhone & iPhone 3G?

Yes, the H1-Touch is designed to be compatible with iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch .

Is H1-Touch compatible with my smartphone or mobile?

Yes, with inovative design of six supports which are adjustable from 45 mm to 72 mm, H1-Touch can hold the iPhone, iPod Touch and most PDA/smart phones on the market.

Does the cradle of H1-Touch interfere with ports, cable, speaker, or buttons?

No, H1-Touch's unique cradle and six adjustable supports are specifically designed to prevent interference with iPhone & iPod features or cables.

Can H1 still hold my phone if I let it wear the protective cover/case?

Yes, H1-Touch's 6 clamps (adjustable from 45 mm to 72 mm) which can accomadate iPhone with most of protective cover/case on the market, however, it is recommanded to use cover/case with less thickness in order to maintain the proper function of 6 clamps.