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Carefully constructed using the finest aluminum material, Alum Edge iPhone 5/5s Case is a 2-in-1 case that offers superior all around protection and sleek appeal. The inter-changeable bumper and back plate give you two ways to show off your style!

Aircraft grade aluminum

Made from aircraft grade aluminum, Alum Edge offers excellent protection in a lightweight and sleek design.

Colorful choices with brush metal finishing

Alum Edge comes in 6 eye-catching colors. The brush metal finishing adds extra sophistication.

Accepts most larger aftermarket headphone cables

Alum Edge’s audio output port is larger so you can use most larger aftermarket headphone cables in additional to Apple’s headphone cables.

Covered power and volume buttons

For extra protection, the home and volume buttons are covered and can be accessed by pressing the case itself at the desired spots.

Excellent protection

Hard shell case prevents impact damages and protects your iPhone 5 from dust and scratches, and it is daily wear resistance to create a seamless defense against daily mishaps.

Lanyard accessory hole

Thoughtful design of iPhone lanyard accessory hole gives you an opportunity to dress up your iPhone even more according to your liking.

CNC machined for precision fitting

CNC machine is used so Alum Edge fits perfectly with the iPhone 5/5s. The smooth finishing also allows easy installation. The bumper and the back plate slide in smoothly.

Thoughtful cushioning design, anti-scratch & shock absorbing

Small cushions inside of the bumper prevent your phone from being scratched during installation. Cushioning design also absorbs shocks to protect your smart device even more.

Raised bezel

A raised bezel extends beyond the edge of the screen to protect your phone when it lands face down.

2-steps easy installation

One-piece bumper and brushed metal back plate do not require any tool to install.

Brush metal back plate

Specially treated brush metal back plate adds extra luxury and sophistication to your iPhone.

SIM card slot accessible

Alum Edge iPhone 5/5s case comes with SIM card slot opening, so you can easily access your SIM card without taking the case off.