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 Slim Fit

Made with 100% genuine carbon fiber material, the LUXA2 Esbelto genuine carbon fiber case is super thin and super light. The carbon case weighs as light as 8 grams, which is considered one of the lightest cases on the market due to the usage of carbon fiber. The carbon case possesses high tensile strength and long-lasting durability by precision engineering to create the unique modern and sporty look.

Light! 8 grams

Using the real carbon fiber material, this extraordinary carbon case weighs only 8 grams.

Slim & Fit

The design is slim and thin even when iPhone4 is worn, which makes it outstanding in the crowds.

Modern Design

The carbon material provides sports car racing styling and luxury comforts.

Genuine carbon Material

Use 100% genuine carbon material, this carbon case is super thin and super light comparing with other plastic and bulky cases.

Precision engineering

The carbon case is made with precision engineering that provides high tensile strength and long-lasting durability.