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 Smooth Touch. Stylish Look.

Made of PC and processed with rubber oil, the LUXA2 PA1, not only gives you the modern look of iPad appearance but also giving you full protection of any minor impacts on iPad. The ultra-thin 1mm design ensures sleek outlook of iPad and prevents the bulky look after wearing it on. The LUXA2 PA1 looks tough from appearance; however, it feels soft when you touch it.

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Material: PC+ Rubber Oil

The combination of PC and rubber oil, not only assures that the iPad is safely protected by the case, but also gives you the sensation of soft and smooth when you touch the case.

Convenient Wearing

The texture of PA1 is soft for wearing and removal. So, if you are going to clean the iPad after using it for a while or change another case, it’s very easy to take it off and wear it back.

Ultra-thin 1mm Design

Designed as an ultra-thin 1mm case, the protective case is not increasing any excessive thickness to the iPad itself, which makes it suitable for some certain iPad holders, such as LUXA2 H4 and H6 iPad holders.

Colorful Choices

The LUXA2 PA1 is designed with 3 colors of Black, White and Pink. You may randomly change the color case according to your moods or your needs.