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Strained eyes and headaches are often caused by reading glossy screens for a long period of time. Users usually compromise the lost of image quality and color contrast by using bad quality screen protectors on the market. With cutting-edge “Anti-Reflection" technology coating on optical quality PET, which can enhance the screen color contrast, maintain image quality and reduce reflection at the same time, LUXA2 Anti-Reflection Screen Protector stands out above the rest.

AR1 - For unibody MacBook Pro 13", MacBook 13"
AR2 - For unibody MacBook Pro 15"

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PET Anti-Reflection Material

Optical Quality PET with “Anti-Reflection”  function

True Vision

Maintain the image quality, color contrast and clarity while applied.

High Quality Adhesive Material

Prevent the forming of air bubbles when screen protector is attached to the screen surface, and leave no residue when removing or re-locating.

Pleasure Viewing Comfort

Minimize irritating surface reflection from bright lights to give you the best comfort for your eyes.

Considerate User Guide

User-Friendly “Installation Kit" for easy installation.

Keep Screen Clean and New

Protect screen from scratches, dust and dirt.