Power Solution | P10 10,000mAh Portable Power Bank

Practical Power for Two

With a super high 10,000mAh capacity and dual charging USB ports, the P10 gives that all important juice-up for your devices- no matter the occasion.

On the outside, the P10’s sleek piano gloss finish adds that extra touch of class to ensure you stay fully charged, whilst doing it in style.


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Unique Design. Beautifully Finished The P10’s simplistic and streamlined design gives it that premium look and feel any power user would be proud of.
Quality Power Use of premium Li-ion cell to power and increase battery life for your smartphone, tablet and other compatible USB devices. Capable of over 4 recharges of an iPhone 5/5s.
Maximized Charging Efficiency World-class circuitry and chipsets work in conjunction with the premium cell to provide up to 90% energy conversion efficiency and up to 500 charge cycles.
OLED Battery Status Display Equipped with the latest OLED technology, the battery status indicator gives users the most accurate account of their remaining power. Know exactly how much juice you have left and when to recharge.
Supports Simultaneous Charging Supports dual charging of your devices with fast charging 5V2.1A and regular 5V1A USB ports to ensure faster and more efficient charging times. Spend less time charging and more time doing what you do best.
Sophistication in Simplicity No instructions required, with power button, OLED indicators and USB ports in easily accessible locations for extra user friendliness.
Compatible with Multiple Devices Suitable for all smartphone, phablet and larger tablet devices or any other USB compatible devices such as digital cameras and handheld gaming devices such as the NDS.
Rigorous Testing The P10 has undergone vigorous testing to ensure performance, reliability and quality are up to LUXA2 standards and are free from defects. Our battery banks have also undergone regulatory testing to ensure regulated conformity in their respective regions.

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File name: Release Date: Notice:
P10 10000mAh User Manual 2014/09/11 Supports the following languages: English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, French
Why Choose LUXA2 Power Banks 2014/09/11 Quality | Performance | Reliability |
Battery Buyer's Guide 2014/09/11 Learn how to choose the right power bank for you.
Product Name P10 10,000mAh Portable Power Bank
Length: 131mm
Width: 68mm
Height: 18mm
P/N PO-UNP-PCP0BK-00(Black)
Content of delivery P10 10000mAh x1
USB to micro-USB cable x1
User Manual x1
Capacity 10,000mAh (5,000x2) / 3.7V Li-polymer / 37Wh
Input 5V1A
Output 5V2.1A & 5V1A (Total 3.1A)
Charging time 12hours
Others Fast Charging (2.1A)
Power Switch
Dual Port Output
Auto Power Off
Overload Protection
Over 500 cycles
OLED Battery indicator
LED indicator OLED
Compatibility Smartphone, Tablet, DC (Digital Camera), Gamepad
Material Plastic
Weight 210g
Warranty 1 year