Holder Solution | H10 Bike Mount

Enjoy Where Life Takes You!

LUXA2’s H10 Bike Mount is perfect for your sporty lifestyle. Its water resistant case keeps your iPhone safely sealed away from mud and rain while enjoying outdoor fun. H10 bike mount fits a variety of handlebars, and its flexibility give you many positions and angles to enjoy you iPhone.

IPX 4 Water Resistant Rating

Your iPhone is fully protected and covered in this hard polycarbonate case against knocks and scratches from daily mishaps. All-around sealed design has an IPX 4 water resistant rating. It is all-around splash proof, it will protect your iPhone from weather, sweat and mud.

Operable Touch Screen
Welded, touch-sensitive membrane gives you complete access to iPhone applications. Whether you want biking GPS to tracking your location, reply to email or text while on a break or answering phone calls, H10 Bike Mount adds more fun and convenience to your trip.
Secured Locking System

Don't worry about your iPhone slipping out of the case with H10’s double locking system. It is another feature that will keep your iPhone safe while you enjoy outdoor fun.

**Make sure you hear a 'click' sound when you first put the case onto the mount to make sure it's firmly installed.

Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone4

H10 Bike Mount includes 2 rubber paddings for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. They can be easily switched out to suit your needs.

Weather-sealed windows and ports

H10 Bike Mount has weather-sealed windows and ports for front and rear camera, headphones and charge cable. You can access all these ports and features without worrying about getting your iPhone wet.
Extra Accessory & 360 Degree Rotatable Case

Included also is an universal belt clip with T-shape lock that you can easily attach to your belt. The T-shape belt clip is 180 degree rotatable. LUXA2’s H10 Bike Mount case is 360 degree rotatable. You can enjoy your iPhone in either portrait or landscape position.
Weight 130g / 0.28lbs
Material PC
P/N  LH0012
Product Name H10 Bike Mount
Height: 155 mm (6.1 inches)
Width: 75  mm (2.95 inches)
Depth: 26  mm (1.02 inches)