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H5, an aluminum car mount holder designed for connecting people on the go with flexible and versatile rotation and viewing angles. Connect with people by using FaceTime of iPhone4 within easy reach. One of the most user-friendly car mount holder, H5 allows you to dial or access data easily.

For iPod Touch, iPhone 3G & 3G S, iPhone 4, iPod Classic

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Luxa2 H5 car mount tested with iPhone 4

Luxa2 H5 Car Mount First Looks

[開箱]尋找許久的夢幻車架LUXA2 H5車架

[開箱]尋找許久的夢幻車架Luxa2 H5車架

LUXA2 H5 Review

Kurztest: LUXA2 H5 - Saugnapf-Halterung für iPhone und Co

Luxa2 H5 Car Mount Review

Luxa2 H5: stand da auto per iPhone [Recensione iPhoneItalia]

LUXA2 H5 Car-Mount Product Review

Durable Aluminum

Mechanically designed with the corrosive resistant and durable aluminum, H5 car mount holder ensures better durability than any other car mount holders. It can stand the sunshine and heat that reflected by the windshield of the car.

Flexible Mount Ever

The mechanic design of H5 keeps your phone in view and within easy reach. It can be moved freely and rotated with 360 degree vertically or horizontally; or flip towards other side, so that you and your passenger can both use the mobile devices.

Multiple compatibility

With six claws supports, H5 is adjustable to hold iPhone 4 and all types of cell phones, PDA, smart phones, GPS, MP3/MP4 and PSP devices.

User-Friendly for Driver

The suction lever provides more secure adhesion, and it is easy to unlock with one touch lock & release button.

Product Name H5 Car Mount
P/N LH0008
Height: 105mm (4.1 inches)
Width: 165mm (6.5 inches)
Depth: 100mm (3.9 inches)
Weight 194 g / 0.42 lbs.
Material Aluminum
Adjustable Angle 180° (Rotated) 180°(Vertical)

58.6 mm (2.31 inches)

115.2 mm (4.5 inches)


62.1 mm (2.4 inches)

115.5 mm (4.5 inches)


61.8 mm (2.4 inches)

110 mm (4.3 inches)


61.8 mm (2.4 inches)

103.5 mm (4.1 inches)